Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival 2013

The weather cooperated, the scenery was breathtaking, and the talent on display was nothing short of spectacular! Yes, I am talking about the Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival. My family took in some of the events this past weekend and if you missed it, you can still go next weekend as this festival is on two weekends in a row! This is the second year my husband and I have gone to the One Carver – One Block – One Hour Competition and we really enjoy it! This year our six year old really got into it and I am including a photo of his vote of the People’s Choice Award. His pick for best scupture was the ‘Canada Flag with the Canada Goose.’ 12 ice carvers from around the world compete for the winning title and $1000 prize for first place by carving whatever they choose out of one block of ice in the span of one hour. The chain saws were humming, the irons were out, and the torches were fired up at the end to turn the cloudy ice crystal clear. It really is amazing to watch 12 talented people come up with such creative sculptures in such a short time frame. After that competition held at the Lake Louise Inn was over, we drove out to the Chateau and checked out the ice sculptures there…made out of 15 blocks of ice and the theme for this year’s competition was ‘Carve a Song.’ We went Saturday afternoon and the masterpieces weren’t completed yet, but we were able to see a tremendous amount of carving done and what the finished products were going to look like as each station had a picture on display along with the title. This is a pretty big deal…one couple has traveled from New York for 11 or 12 years in a row to attend this event…pretty neat. Until next week…stay warm and enjoy mugs of hot chocolate, sitting by the fireplace, and the great selection of infinity scarves in style right now!!!