Family Fun at Douglas Fir Resort in Banff

My family discovered the Douglas Fir Resort last January and have been repeat customers ever since! Friends recommended it to us and we went with our boys one year ago for the first time. Well, they loved it so much that we went again and took friends from Saskatchewan in April. My youngest son asked the entire month of September if we could go back to Banff and since it has become such an enjoyable little getaway, we went at the end of that month. He turns 4 this weekend so we are going to his favorite place to celebrate once again! Banff is a great place to visit in any season, but the Douglas Fir Resort is a great place for families to stay, especially if you have young kids. Why? Three great reasons: 1. It has an incredible indoor playground that is over two stories high that has slides, climbing tunnels, and more! 2. The two water slides are great for young children (and those of us who are older, but still young at heart!) 3. The suites and condos have kitchenettes, table & chairs, couch and chair, and beds and/or bedrooms…great for families to have meals there, as well as some down time. I have nothing but good things to say about this resort…staff have always been friendly, they have never messed up a reservation, and the rooms are always clean! Plus, when you make the kids happy, the parents are happy and you have them coming back over and over! I am including a photo of our boys at the top of the gondola last Easter in April…yes, lots of snow! I’m sure there will be lots again this trip, too! Stay tuned for next week’s post on the Lake Louise Ice Magic Festival as we are taking that in this weekend! Now that is something you should go see. Check out and click on “Ice Magic Festival” to find out all about it! I will sign off with a quote that I love (not sure who to credit, but it is true)”Traveling…it leaves you speechless – then turns you into a storyteller.”