Cypress Hills Bucket List for 2013

Snow is still on the ground…heck, our prairie provinces survived a doozy of a spring snowstorm just the other day, but summer camping is on my mind! I had to reserve our summer campsite at Cypress Hills Provincial Park in southwestern Saskatchewan a few weeks ago and I sure am glad I got it! We spent five sunny days there last July and we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to, so I booked in for seven full days this year and my family is so excited that we’ve created our own Bucket List specifically for our week there. Here it is:

1. Zip-lining and Mini Zips (we all loved it last year and hope to do it again this year )- Jori and Nick are from my husband’s stomping grounds in southwestern Saskatchewan -check out the website: and add this adventure to your list of summer plans!

2. Check out Fort Walsh National Historic Site (I think our boys will enjoy the blazing guns and arresting their parents) – we didn’t get time to visit here last year so we hope to this summer

3. Hike the trails and see some wildlife (from a safe distance of course…last year we saw a moose and a variety of birds)

4. Swim in the lake and kid friendly pool and take the boys on their first canoe ride on the lake

5. Enjoy the beach, soak up the sun and have fun at the playgrounds with the boys

6. Visit with friends and relatives that will be there (one of the best things about Saskatchewan is the great people, but who didn’t know that???)

7. Go horseback riding (Tyson runs this and he is from my husband’s hometown, too)

8. Visit the Great Sand Hills – although they are not at Cypress Hills, they are in southwestern SK, so an easy distance to drive. I can’t believe I’ve never seen the Great Sandhills and I am from Saskatchewan…this year is the year!

9. Visit Scotty at the T-Rex Discovery Centre in nearby Eastend. I tell you, southwestern SK is full of gems…another short drive from Cypress and my boys will love it!

10. Relax – I tend to plan a lot of activities when we are on holidays and my husband added this one to the list…a great reminder to enjoy those quiet summer mornings sitting outside the trailer reading as the boys play nearby, take the time out to go for an ice-cream cone…we could try a different flavor every day and still not try them all, and of course, enjoy the evening campfires with roasted marshmallows and our family favorite of marshmallows and chocolate bar inside a tortilla then cooked in a sandwich maker over the fire – yum!

What’s on your BUCKET LIST ┬áthis summer?