Christmas Sights, Sounds & Smells

We are enjoying the warmth of family and friends as we are spending Christmas in Saskatchewan. At my dad’s farm in the north eastern part of the province, we are surrounded by the beauty of the hoar frost…it is everywhere and it is thick!

The sounds of my sons and nephew laughing as we listen to Louis Armstrong sing “What a Wonderful World” are music to my ears!

The logs in the woodstove, the smell of turkey roasting, and the apple cinnamon cider awaken my senses and make me happy to be enjoying this time with family!

Whether you are traveling just down the road or across the provinces this Christmas season, hopefully you take the time to enjoy the sights along the way…wildlife in the fields (seeing deer and moose get my two young sons excited every time), the festive displays of lights in farmyards that you drive by, or the beauty of the freshly fallen snow…nature is full of gifts…all you have to do is untie the ribbons!